Kingshurst Retirement Apartment Complex

Elegant and spacious residences were created through a refurbishment of a grand block of flats that was built in the 1970’s. The result of this refurbishment is currently 53 spacious Pet Friendly apartments that not only have an air of simple elegance, but are designed with the specific needs of retirees in mind. For information regarding available units please contact

Located in vibrant Humewood, Port Elizabeth, Kingshurst is within a stone’s throw of the sandy beaches and rolling waves of King’s Beach. A block away from the complex is the renowned McArthur Bath, with its freshwater and seawater pools, as well as two upmarket restaurants.

Kingshurst is within easy walking distance of many of the hotels and restaurants that Port Elizabeth’s beachfront offers, including those in the Dolphin’s Leap complex and the Boardwalk (beachfront), as well as a Mike's Kitchen located at the Garden Court Hotel across the road.

McWilliams is renowned for developments such as The Boardwalk(Beachfront), 17th Quarter and Stanford Quarter shopping centres, business parks and warehousing, as well as his involvement in both the Alandale Reirement Village at Aurora and the Cheshire Village Retirement Complex in Summerstrand.

Convenience shopping facilities are close at hand, with a local, long hour supermarket a block away. Slightly further afield is a Pick ‘n Pay in Summerstrand, as well as a Spar in Humerail. The airport, hospitals, regional shopping centres, several golf courses, as well as the myriad of facilities on offer in the city of Port Elizabeth, are all within close and convenient proximity.

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